Help With My Account

You can create a govspace account once a Memorandum of Understanding is agreed between your agency and the Department of Finance, and we have advised you that your govspace has been provisioned.

After we have provisioned your site, a govspace account can be created  by visiting our registration page.   Enter a username (which can be a pseudonym if you choose) and an email address (which will never be displayed to the public).  A verification email will be sent to this address including an automatically generated password (which you can change later) and a link to our log-in page.

Your govspace account settings can be found in the Profile section once you have logged in. You can provide as much or as little personal information as you wish when creating and customising your govspace account. We only require that you include a valid email address. See our Privacy statement for further information.

Beware of counterfeit emails which appear to have originated from govspace requesting personal information such as banking details, passwords, etc. We will never request your personal information in this manner.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password while in the Profile section once you have logged on.  You should use a strong password and not disclose it to anyone.

Choosing a strong password

Generally, a strong password has the following attributes:

a minimum length of nine (9) characters; consisting of at least three (3) of the following character sets:
– lowercase alphabetic characters (a–z)
– uppercase alphabetic characters (A–Z)
– numeric characters (0–9)
– special characters (!@#$%&*).

Using strong passwords can help protect them from being ‘cracked’ or guessed.

To make a password easy to remember, think of a pass phrase and then change some of the characters to make it a strong password.

I forgot my password

Try the Lost your password link at the bottom of the login screen. A new password will be emailed to you.

Removing my account

Please contact us if you would like your account to be removed from our system.  Once removed an account cannot be restored.