Getting Started

Once you have had a govspace provisioned, here are a few things to consider when setting up your space:

Legal documents (copyright, privacy, terms of use, moderation, etc)

Legal documents tell your users how you administer your space, in particular how you handle user information. We’ve created a simplified set of legal templates which you can adopt or modify to suit your needs.

Managing content: a few pointers

Sticky posts allow you to pin an article to the top of the homepage for posterity. To make a post sticky, while adding or editing a post click the Edit button next to Visibility on the right under Publish, select Stick this post to the front page and then OK.

You can automatically schedule posts to go live in the future by editing the Published on timestamp under the Publish box as well.

Deleted posts and comments will remain in your trash for 30 days.

Managing user membership


WordPress comes with five default roles which differ in terms of capabilities:

  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber

For further information about the differences between these roles please visit the WordPress help page.


Users can leave comments on your blog or website anonymously, or they can choose to create a personal govspace account through the govspace registration page.  This account can then be associated with any number of spaces on the govspace platform.

You can promote certain members of  your space into the roles described above by managing your memberships in the Users section. You will need to know their username and email address and when entered correctly, they will receive an invitation email with a confirmation link. You can change their role at any point in time.

Space administrators cannot change another individual’s account details, nor will they be able to view an individual’s list of memberships.


To prepare and develop your space, you can control the visibility of your space and set it so that your users can safely experiment collaboratively before launch.  This option is found under Site Visibility in Settings > Reading.

Web stats

Don’t forget to integrate with an analytics package if metrics are important to you.  Check out our features page for more details.

Other tips

If using a theme from our starter kit, check out the many other options available under Appearance > govspace Options.