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By Mike T - AGIMO • Announcements • 31 Mar 2011

Today, 365 days ago saw the release of the Department of Treasury’s Standard Business Reporting blog. The SBR blog was the first housed on the govspace platform and agreed to be the brave guinea pigs that allowed us to embed and refine our service. At the time, we didn’t even have a homepage!

One became two. Three soon followed. Something happened in between and now we’re at 25 live sites.

From today, we’ve added a simple directory list of hosted sites ready for your participation. As mentioned in our first roadmap, we will add extra capabilities for you to customise your directory listing. Note that sites still in development will not be listed.

We’re housing a raft of different types of sites with most being consultations based around traditional blogging features (like leaving your feedback on a topic of choice). We’re also housing content rich sites like the Australian Government Web Guide, the Australian Government Domain Name site and the govdex support site; some cataloguing sites like the Innovation Showcase, Mashup Australia (a competition run by the Government 2.0 Taskforce), Election Costings, and the recently released Parks Australia also posts some amazing pictures on their photoblog.

There’s more sites in the pipeline so check back often.

Over the past year, we’ve kept the platform up to date with the latest WordPress and associated plugin releases. These updates are done transparently and haven’t yet (woohoo) incurred any outages (this is a direct result of our awesomeness, or perhaps more to do with our redundant architecture and staged implementation). Did you know that through this time we’ve gone through WordPress 2.9.1,, 2.9.2, 3.0.1, 3.0.2, 3.0.3, 3.0.4, 3.0.5 and 3.1?

Now for some stats

We received our 1 millionth visit 306 days into the service (or 31 January 2011 for those like me who are terrible at basic arithmetic). For the last 6 months, we’ve averaged over 160,000 visits a month with continual growth. This month is looking to be our largest with over 230,000.

This graph shows monthly visit numbers across govspace from October 2010 to March 2011. The stats are: Oct 123,095; Nov 138,477; Dec 154,933; Jan 165,741; Feb 187,498; and Mar 230,552.  The total for these months is 1,000,296 with an average of 166,716/mth.

Internet Explorer dominates with a share of 74.8% of all user agents. Firefox makes up the next biggest share with 8.8%.

Note that WordPress 3.2 will phase out Internet Explorer 6.0 support for back-end administration. This complements AGIMO’s Common Operating Environment N or N – 1 policy (dot point 27).

What’s to come in the next 12 months?

  • We would like to release more themes so site owners have a wider range to commence with.
  • We’ve still got a few items left from our original roadmap, so you can look out for them as they come along. On top of those already mentioned, we’re looking into better integration with Twitter and Facebook so you can keep your other presences updated more seamlessly.
  • Mobile support is just around the corner.
  • An online support area where you can share your tips and tricks with other govspace members is high on our list.
  • And of course, many more sites for you to participate on.

2 Responses

  1. craig thomler

    Congratulations guys, Govspace is already a fantastically successful service and I expect it to continue to be over the next few years.

    It really impresses my colleagues when I demonstrate the speed, ease and low cost with which it is possible to roll out a new site or blog adhering to all government guidelines.



  2. joyoboy

    The open source WordPress platform is a wonderful piece of technology and has come a long way since it was simply a ‘blogging’ tool. Today the community of developers that support it, many of which do this for the love of it number in their thousands, web designers, developers etc all maintain this passion for something that is ultimately free to use.
    Great choice from you guys.

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